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Spanish Mansion Shattuck OKlahomaThe Spanish Mansion located north of Shattuck was built by O.E. Enfield in the 1930s with the help of his sons. At the time, O.E. and his family lived southeast of the building site in another home he had constructed. Pony Creek separated the two homes and it was from the creek that rock, sand, and water were hauled to erect the two-story structure seen in the photo.

The look of the Spanish Mansion was emulated in four other houses built by O.E. A two-story home with an arching entryway built by him still stands on Shattuck’s Main Street. He also constructed three houses in Arnett with a similar architectural design, but only one remains today.

O.E. Enfield was well known in the area as a minister, attorney, and later as the judge for Ellis County. He ran for Oklahoma governor in the 1920s but was not elected. He was a published poet and author. Most of his artifacts, including a symphony he wrote, were donated to the Oklahoma Historical Society.

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